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My Feet Don’t Like The Wild Surprising Ride into Aging But Here We Are

My feet had had enough. After a challenging handstands class (If you’re not sure why handstands would bother my feet, try getting into a down dog pike position, then jump up and down for an hour. That’s basically what a handstands class is.) and wandering around Capitol Hill for PrideFest, […]

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Set A Good Structure

Something I find myself saying a lot while teaching is “Set yourself up well.” What I mean by that exactly depends on what we’re setting ourselves up for, but the bottom line is the same regardless: It really helps your body to set it up for what you’re planning to […]

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Don’t Make Plans; Make Options

“Don’t make plans; make options.” This has been the motto for me and my partner this year, and I thought about it in relation to fitness in a Facebook post I made recently.

This isn’t a motto that comes easily to me because I like plans. I like spreadsheets. I like to […]

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Seeking Perfect Posture

Does that sound familiar? It does to me.

My whole childhood I had people telling me to stand up straight.

Onstage as a Candy Cane in The Nutcracker, as the Prince made his entrance he whispered in my ear, “Stand up straight!!”

In grade school one of my teachers […]

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Creating a Home Practice

Lots of people want to do some sort of movement or fitness practice at home on their own. It’s a great idea: you can save money, you don’t have to travel anywhere for a class or lesson, you can do it on your own schedule, and you don’t need any […]

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