Trying Things On For Size

I love reading self help books. Anything about personal growth or maximizing performance and I’m all over it. I like the idea that we always have the opportunity to make things better: for ourselves, for our friends and family, for our community, for the world.

Because of that I’m always down […]

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The Perfect Workout (Not!)

I started thinking about real life workouts today because my morning kind of went like this:

I got up and had breakfast and realized while drinking my second cup of tea that I had somehow forgotten that this was a day when my teaching started at 8 […]

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My Feet Don’t Like The Wild Surprising Ride into Aging But Here We Are

My feet had had enough. After a challenging handstands class (If you’re not sure why handstands would bother my feet, try getting into a down dog pike position, then jump up and down for an hour. That’s basically what a handstands class is.) and wandering around Capitol Hill for PrideFest, […]

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Your Hamstrings?

If I wanted to make a list of the top 10 complaints I hear from students, tight hamstrings would be up there. Lots of other muscles can be tight but for some reason having flexible hamstrings is like the unicorn of the fitness world: very rare and desirable and somehow […]

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Habit Making, Habit Breaking

I was thinking about habits and how quickly and easily they can be broken even before my mother fractured her spine and I realized her ability to form and follow through on habits had also been fractured.

Was it a series of mini-strokes? Is it the result of two years of […]

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Got a New Osteoporosis Diagnosis? Let’s Talk About Fitness Choices

Just in the past several weeks I’ve had many clients come to me with a new diagnosis of either osteoporosis or osteopenia. It’s understandable: my typical clientele is female-bodied folks over 60 and with that group we’ve got a collision of two important factors. One is that female-bodied folks are […]

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Making Friends with Video Workouts

I have loved doing video workouts for a long time. You could argue it started way back when I was a kid and some random workout show would come on TV, usually when we were doing a road trip somewhere and I was alone in the hotel room feeling bored. […]

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Set A Good Structure

Something I find myself saying a lot while teaching is “Set yourself up well.” What I mean by that exactly depends on what we’re setting ourselves up for, but the bottom line is the same regardless: It really helps your body to set it up for what you’re planning to […]

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