Trying Things On For Size

I love reading self help books. Anything about personal growth or maximizing performance and I’m all over it. I like the idea that we always have the opportunity to make things better: for ourselves, for our friends and family, for our community, for the world.

Because of that I’m always down […]

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Habit Making, Habit Breaking

I was thinking about habits and how quickly and easily they can be broken even before my mother fractured her spine and I realized her ability to form and follow through on habits had also been fractured.

Was it a series of mini-strokes? Is it the result of two years of […]

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Got a New Osteoporosis Diagnosis? Let’s Talk About Fitness Choices

Just in the past several weeks I’ve had many clients come to me with a new diagnosis of either osteoporosis or osteopenia. It’s understandable: my typical clientele is female-bodied folks over 60 and with that group we’ve got a collision of two important factors. One is that female-bodied folks are […]

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Creating a Home Practice

Lots of people want to do some sort of movement or fitness practice at home on their own. It’s a great idea: you can save money, you don’t have to travel anywhere for a class or lesson, you can do it on your own schedule, and you don’t need any […]

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Aging Stronger

My 94-year-old grandmother died last week. She and I had a long and complicated relationship but mostly I’ve been reflecting on how grateful I am to have had so much history with the elders in my family. Many of my great-grandparents lived until I was a middle schooler and a […]

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Injury-Proof Your Body

I hope we’re all clear that this is not a real thing. If you are truly injury-proof you are either a) stupendously lucky or b) living a very odd and circumscribed life. Maybe you’re an artificial intelligence with no body to speak of?

Unless those things are true, you (and I) […]

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