Got a New Osteoporosis Diagnosis? Let’s Talk About Fitness Choices

Just in the past several weeks I’ve had many clients come to me with a new diagnosis of either osteoporosis or osteopenia. It’s understandable: my typical clientele is female-bodied folks over 60 and with that group we’ve got a collision of two important factors. One is that female-bodied folks are […]

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Set A Good Structure

Something I find myself saying a lot while teaching is “Set yourself up well.” What I mean by that exactly depends on what we’re setting ourselves up for, but the bottom line is the same regardless: It really helps your body to set it up for what you’re planning to […]

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Fitness Bullies

As a culture we’ve been thinking about bullying in recent years: what it is, what it does, why it happens, how to handle it in the moment, and how to bring it to an end.

The fitness and wellness culture can sometimes be a big bully. When I looked up the […]

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Injury-Proof Your Body

I hope we’re all clear that this is not a real thing. If you are truly injury-proof you are either a) stupendously lucky or b) living a very odd and circumscribed life. Maybe you’re an artificial intelligence with no body to speak of?

Unless those things are true, you (and I) […]

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